Innovative radar detectors and laser scanners

But above all, BEA is known for its outstanding radar detectors and laser scanners. The radar detectors in the Falcon product family are pioneering in their precision and reliability. They enable the targeted detection of movements and are therefore an excellent solution for the automatic opening of gates. BEA's radar detectors ensure reliable detection of people, vehicles and other objects, enabling smooth and safe gate opening and closing. Thanks to a wide range of setting options, cross-traffic suppression and object filters, BEA radar detectors are used in many gate systems.

Combi sensors IXIO and Condor

The IXIO and Condor combi sensors are able to perform both automatic opening and presence detection on gate and door systems. This is made possible by the combined use of several technologies in just one sensor. Radar technology is used to open these systems automatically and as required. If an object is detected in the open gate or door area, the infrared technology used prevents the system from closing automatically until the object has been removed.

Laser scanner LZR from BEA

The laser scanners of the LZR product family from BEA represent a further sensor innovation. They offer advanced technology for precise and accurate detection of objects in the gate or barrier area. Thanks to their advanced features, these scanners help to prevent collisions and increase safety. The precise detection enables the gate systems to react efficiently to the presence of obstacles. These sensors are often used at barriers as a replacement for induction loops.

Smart sensor solutions for automatic gates

BEA's sensor solutions for automatic gates and automatic doors are characterised by their reliability, durability and advanced technology. BEA's continuous research and development ensures that its sensors are always up to date and meet the ever-changing demands of the market. BEA is recognised as a pioneer in sensor technology for automatic gates. BEA's products contribute significantly to improving safety and efficiency in a wide range of applications, from industrial doors to the most diverse automated access systems.