Sprocket drive sets for sophisticated door systems

Sprocket drive sets from doorautomation24: An exclusive selection of GfA sprocket drive sets specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of modern door systems. GfA, known for its engineering skills and exceptional quality, forms the foundation of doorautomation24's product portfolio.

GfA Elektromaten Chain Drive KE9.24 with Control TS970
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GfA Elektromaten Chain Drive KE20.24 with Control TS970
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GfA sprocket drive sets

The GfA sprocket drive sets are characterized by powerful motors, durable designs and advanced control technology. They have been designed with a focus on durability and ease of installation to make door operation efficient and secure it in the long term. Each set includes everything you need for reliable operation of your door - from the high-quality motor to the matching connection cable.

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GfA KE9.24 sprocket drive with TS970 control unit:

Equipped with a 90 Nm motor for a voltage of 400 V and including a GfA TS970 control unit and a 5 meter long DES connection cable. This set offers optimum control and is ideal for medium-duty door applications.

GfA KE20.24 sprocket drive with TS970 control unit:

With a powerful 200 Nm motor, also for 400 V, and equally robust GfA control TS970 supplemented by a 7 meter long DES connection cable. Designed for the heaviest gates, this set ensures flawless operation even under the most demanding conditions.

Ideal solutions for every door system

Whether for large commercial systems or private driveways - the GfA sprocket drive sets from doorautomation24 offer customized solutions that are tailored to different door sizes and weights. Different variants are available that are ideally suited to the respective loads and requirements. Doorautomation24 offers the right set for every door - regardless of whether it is a medium-heavy or particularly heavy door.

The optimal selection

Torautomation24 not only has absolutely high-quality products in its range, but also offers outstanding specialist advice that always responds intensively to specific needs. The experts always help to select the optimum sprocket drive set for the respective door system so that maximum functionality and performance can be achieved.