Sectional Door Drives with FI

Special drives for automatic sectional doors

Sectional door drives with frequency inverters (FI) for industrial doors offer an efficient and reliable solution for the automated operation of industrial doors. Special drive systems for sectional doors combine their robust design with the precision and flexibility of a frequency inverter to support a wide range of applications in industrial environments.


Precise control of the door speed

A key advantage of sectional door operators with VFDs is their ability to control the speed and torque of the motor with absolute precision. By using a frequency inverter, operators can vary the speed of the door as required, allowing for controlled movement. This is particularly important in areas where fast opening and closing cycles are required or when the door is subjected to different loads.

Smooth automatic start and stop minimizes wear 

In addition, the frequency inverter enables a soft start and stop function that minimizes wear on the operator system and extends the service life of the door. This function is particularly useful for reducing shocks and vibrations that can be caused by sudden movements of the door

Sectional door operators with FI are particularly
easy to maintain 

Sectional door operators with FI offer a high level of reliability and are also extremely low-maintenance. The doors themselves, which are used with FI sectional door operators, are just as low-maintenance, as they are subject to significantly less stress.

Perfect door operator choice for
many industrial applications

Sectional door operators with frequency inverters are an efficient, reliable and flexible solution for the automated operation of industrial doors. Their precise control, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance make them an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications, from warehouses to production facilities and logistics centers.