Sensor sets - Innovative safety technology for all door systems

Torautomation24 presents a selection of first-class sensor sets that are tailored to the safety requirements of industrial door systems. With the Novoferm Tormatic and FRABA VITECTOR safety edge sets, doorautomation24 offers efficient solutions to ensure the integrity and protection of people and material on automated doors.

The sensor sets add an essential control and protection function to the door control unit. They not only monitor the immediate surroundings, but also actively prevent accidents. When people, vehicles or objects are detected within the door's movement range, the sensors immediately initiate safety mechanisms. The door is stopped or other predefined actions are activated to neutralize potential dangers.

Sensing Edge-Set FRABA VITECTOR OSE with Installation Materials and 5m Rubber Profile
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Sensing Edge-Set Novoferm Tormatic Optical Sensing Edge
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Novoferm Tormatic: Optical closing edge safety device

The optical closing edge safety device from Novoferm Tormatic achieves an optimum balance between operational efficiency and protection of people and property. This state-of-the-art component adds an extra dimension of security to the NovoShaft door by ensuring constant monitoring and an immediate response when required.

FRABA VITECTOR OSE safety edge set

The FRABA VITECTOR OSE set consists of various components, including optical sensing edges for securing automatic doors, a rubber profile with sealing lip for sealing purposes and bumpers for correct positioning. The set also includes connection and installation accessories such as a waterproof junction box, a Coil Cord spiral cable for freedom of movement as well as bend protection and brackets for secure cable routing. This detailed compilation ensures the effective function and safety of the automatic door system.

Our service promise

The team at doorautomation24 attaches great importance not only to offering high-quality products, but also to providing expert advice. The specialists for door operators and everything that goes with them provide support in selecting the right sensor set for the specific door system to ensure maximum safety and functionality.

Wise investment in the forward-looking security of a system can boost user satisfaction and confidence in the long term. The solutions from doorautomation24 mark significant progress in the prevention of accidents and ensure maximum safety for all parties involved at all times.