In the doorautomation24 blog you will get deep insights into our selected products and stay informed about the latest developments and news of our company.

The interview with the founders 

What are the backgrounds and ideas that led to the founding of doorautomation24 and what goals do we want to achieve? 

Andre Quaiser and Martin Weber, the two founders of doorautomation24, answer many questions about their ideas and goals in our interview. 

Read the whole interview with the founders of doorautomation24 here.

Authorised distributor of FRABA VITECTOR 

As an official partner of FRABA VITECTOR, we offer the entire product range of safety sensor technology for doors and gates. From the well-known optical sensing edges with "FRABA-OSE" interface to accessories and photo eyes, the manufacturer offers comprehensive solutions for the protection of automated doors. 

We offer the entire FRABA VITECTOR range, with many products available from stock and convenient to order via our online shop. 

Expert-level technical advice included! 

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Door control units from GfA Elektromaten 

Dive into the world of GfA Elektromaten door control units! 

From the WS900 to the special version in XL housing - here you will find an overview of the available models, as well as a comparison of their technical features. GfA Elektromaten offers controls for various applications, which we explain in more detail here. 

Discover the diversity and unique range of functions of these state-of-the-art control systems in our latest blog post. 

The BEA LZR-H100 compared to conventional induction loops

The BEA LZR-H100 is a revolutionary sensor for use on barriers. Its non-contact technology based on time-of-flight measurement enables completely new sensor functions at barriers. And it offers a real alternative to the induction loops and photo eyes that have been widely used up to now. 

Learn more about the BEA LZR-H100 for securing and opening barrier systems. 

BEA LZR Widescan - The multifunction sensor 

With the LZR Widescan, the manufacturer BEA has created a sensor that combines many functions of different sensors on today's industrial doors. The configuration via smartphone allows a contemporary and easy-to-understand installation and programming of the many possible sensor functions. 

Learn more about the BEA LZR Widescan - the laser scanner for presence detection and protection at gates. 

Safety Edge Technologies Explained 

Nowadays, automated gates are usually equipped with either 8k2 safety edges or optical sensing edges. But what are the differences and which sensor type is suitable for which application? 

We have examined this question in more detail in our blog and taken a closer look at the two competing technologies. 

Find out more about safety edges in general and the differences between optical and electrical edges. 

Spare parts for Hörmann doors 

Are you looking for the right spare part for a Hörmann industrial door? Then you have come to the right place at doorautomation24. 

The manufacturer Hörmann offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for its door products and thanks to very good parts management, we can identify the right spare part for you. 

Learn more about the identification and procurement of spare parts for Hörmann doors here. 

Swing door drives from record

The DFA 127 from record is the optimal choice for the automation of swing doors. No wonder this quality product from the Swiss manufacturer is so popular. 

We have summarised the advantages of the DFA 127 and its technical features for you here.

Induction loop for gates and barriers

Induction loops are an essential technology for vehicle detection and access control that is used in many areas such as barriers, gates and traffic lights.

In this blog post, you can find out all about how induction loops work, how they are set up and how they are installed.

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