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As a one-stop-shop for automated doors and gates, doorautomation24 offers its customers a complete product range and expert support for all FRABA VITECTOR products. This leading market player offers sensor solutions of the highest quality for doors and gates. 
VITECTOR FRABA partners with a network of companies for the sale of its products and technical support for special solutions, and doorautomation24 has been part of this sales network since end of February 2018, thus becoming an official authorized distributor. "The focus on expert-level technical support, combined with a modern sales infrastructure, makes doorautomation24 a perfect partner" says Dr. Martin Forthaus, manager of VITECTOR FRABA and adds "we are very happy to welcome this young company as a new member to our partner network".
OSE Funktionsprinzip

Optical Sensing Edges - A Great Fit for Doors and Machinery

Sensing Edges are known under a variety of names: Safety edges, bumper edges, entrapment protection, sensitive edge, rubber edge, Opto-edge, OSE edge, optical edge and many more; all these words describe the same product solution. Safety edges are used wherever a moving edge presents a safety hazard. 
These solutions are typically applied at the edges of moving platforms, at the bottom edge of industrial doors and at the primary and secondary entrapment zones on gates.
Different manufacturers of sensing edges use numerous technologies. The OSE sensing edges that FRABA VITECTOR provides are based on the optical technology. The hazardous edge is fitted with a rubber profile containing a hollow chamber. OSE-sensors are then inserted into this round chamber, creating a light beam between transmitter and receiver. When the rubber profile hits an obstacle, the hollow chamber collapses disrupting the light beam, and causing the machine stop moving.
 Optical sensing edges are commonly used to safeguard the edges of industrial doors but can also be found on many other types of machinery. The optical technology offers certain advantages: 
  • A damaged rubber profile does not mean that the sensing edge looses its function, as the light beam will still be working. Once the hollow chamber has been polluted by water and dirt the beam is interrupted and the machine movement is stopped safely. 
  • Optical sensing edges can be assembled on site, without the need of any glue or special installation equipment. A correctly assembled OSE will have an IP67 rating, making it a great fit even for more demanding environmental conditions.
  • The "FRABA OSE" interface is integrated on-board of many door control units. Therefore these edges can be wired directly to the controller without the need of an external control unit. 
  • OSE-edges offer a high level of safety, up to Performance Level PL e/ Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1. This allows for the use of these edges even in the most demaning applications.

Components of Optical Sensing Edges

FRABA Vitector OSE Sender
The Opto-Sensors or sensor plugs are usually offered as a set of transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx). They are available with different cable lengths and with or without diagnostic LED.
FRABA Vitector Gummiprofil
Depending on the application the right rubber profile has to be used. The main difference between the different options is the mounting foot, height and width of the profile and an optional sealing lip.
C-Profiles are used to install the rubber profiles. The rubber profiles mounting foot has to be the correct fit for the equivalent C-profile.
FRABA VITECTOR Auswertegerät OSE-C232x
When retro-fitting optical sensing edges on older doors on on door controls without "FRABA OSE" interface, an OSE-C control unit is needed. These units convert the dynamic safety signal from the OSE sensors into a relay output.
Coil Cords are commonly used to wire the sensing edge from the moving door panel to the stationary door control unit. This solution is cost efficient and proven to work reliably. The wiring connection from the sensing edge to the coil cord is usually done within the protected environment of a junction box.
Vitector Auflaufstopper
Bumpers are installed at the ends of the sensing edge, when used on industrial doors. They protect the OSE-sensors from the weight of the door when the doors limit switches are set incorrectly.