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Akerströms is a specialist in industrial radio solutions for gates, doors and other applications. They offer wireless remote control systems and products for industrial control, including radio remote controls and receivers, which are used in various applications such as garage doors, industrial doors, cranes, lift trucks and other applications where wireless control is required. Especially the remote controls for industrial doors, with a very robust design, are suitable for applications in harsh, industrial conditions. Here Akerströms also offers solutions for controlling a wide range of gates and radio receivers. The robust handheld transmitters with up to 99 buttons offer a solution for even the most complex requirements. Overall, Akerströms is characterised by excellent products, technical expertise and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.
ASO Safety
ASO offers safety sensor technology and control technology for doors, barriers and industrial plants. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of products for safety and automation. ASO offers a wide range of products, especially in the field of industrial gate systems and safety technology. These include safety sensors, safety edges, switching devices, controls and accessories that are used in various applications, such as automatic gates, garage doors, lifts and other industrial applications. ASO has a strong market penetration in the area of resistive sensing edges on industrial and sliding gates. The company's 8k2 strips are compatible with most gate control systems and can be integrated into the gate system without the need for additional switchgear. For older installations, or installations without an 8k2 interface, ASO offers a wide range of accessories and can therefore be used in most applications. ASO has earned a reputation for the quality of its products and its technical expertise. Their safety sensors and switchgear help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of people and equipment. The company is headquartered in Lippstadt, Germany, and operates internationally.
BBC Bircher
BBC Bircher manufactures high-quality sensor systems for automatic gates and automatic doors. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company enjoys a reputation for high-quality protuke and technological excellence. In particular, BBC Bircher stands out for its widely used Radar Detectors, Airwave Switches and Induction Loop Detectors. The Herkules Product family of radar detectors set the standard in precision and reliability. They provide accurate detection of motion and seamless integration with automatic gate systems. These detectors ensure reliable detection of people, vehicles and other objects, enabling smooth and safe gate opening and closing. BBC Bircher's "Proloop" inductive loop detectors are among the most widely used loop detectors on the market. They use advanced induction technology to accurately detect vehicles and other objects in the gate and barrier area. These detectors contribute to efficient control of gate and barrier operations by allowing them to respond to the presence of vehicles. The DW40 Airwave Switches, with a wide range of accessories, have been in use for many years and are extremely proven sensor solutions for securing gate systems. In addition, they are also widely used to secure bus and train doors and are often required as spare parts in this segment. BBC Bircher's products for automatic gates represent quality, reliability and technological advances. Their products help improve safety and efficiency in various applications, from industrial gates to other automated access systems.
BEA: Manufacturer of state-of-the-art sensors for automatic gate and door systems. The company has long been recognised as a quality provider in the sector of automatic gate and door systems for industrial use.
Becker drives and door control units forindustrial doors, garage doors and awnings Whether roller shutter or roller door control, the products from Becker drives promise quality and reliability. Founded 100 years ago and headquartered in Hesse, the company's career began with the development and production of highly robust door drives and the corresponding door control units - primarily for industry.
CEDES develops and manufactures Light curtains and photo eyes for the protection of industrial doors. CEDES AG, an established company based in Switzerland, has expanded its market position in the field of door sensor technology with the acquisition of VITECTOR and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for monitoring, securing and opening doors. With a long history and a respectable reputation in the industry, CEDES is characterised by its advanced technologies and products, which are used in various applications worldwide.
ELKA sliding door operators The innovative sliding door operators from ELKA are the ideal solution for both commercial and private use. ELKA sliding door operators offer maximum reliability and performance, are extremely robust and therefore suitable for even the heaviest doors. In addition to high-quality materials, door operators from ELKA focus on safety and user-friendliness. Installation is not only quick, but also particularly easy.
Feig Electronic
FEIG ELECTRONIC is a manufacturer of control technology for doors, gates and barriers. In this field, FEIG is particularly known for its powerful and flexible door control systems, with and without frequency converter technology. In addition to products for the automation of doors and barriers, FEIG ELECTRONIC offers a wide range of other solutions, including RFID readers, barcode scanners and contactless payment systems. Their RFID technology enables precise identification and tracking of objects in various applications, from access control to logistics.In the field of door and barrier automation, FEIG ELECTRONIC develops advanced sensors, controllers and frequency converter technologies. These products ensure reliable control and safety in the movement of doors and barriers. Frequency inverter controls optimise speed and energy efficiency in industrial door applications and are particularly common on high-speed doors. These controls offer extensive setting options with which both standard doors and gates in special applications can be realised. In the field of sensor technology, FEIG ELECTRONIC offers various solutions, from radar detectors for automated door opening to induction loop detectors for various applications. The company continuously focuses on research and development in order to maintain its technological leadership.
GfA Elektromaten
GfA Elektromaten produces drive and control solutions for industrial doors. With an impressive sales volume of over 200,000 units per year, the company is undoubtedly one of the leading market players in Europe. GfA Elektromaten's products are widely used and enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. The door operators are manufactured at the Düsseldorf site, which, like the company processes, is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. As expected, the name GfA Elektromaten vouches for quality and reliability in the world of drive and control solutions for industrial doors. GfA Elektromaten offers a wide range of drive solutions for all types of industrial doors, including roller doors, sectional doors, high-speed doors and sliding doors. The comprehensive product range ensures that the specific requirements of customers in various industries can be met. From robust operators for heavy industrial doors to efficient solutions for fast opening doors - GfA Elektromaten is the trusted partner for versatile door operator solutions.
Force measurement devices for doors from GTE are one of the standard tools for specialists in the installation and maintenance of gates and doors. The company, based in Viersen, Germany, is a pioneer in the field of force gauges and offers various solutions for accurate measurement of forces on doors and gates. However, GTE also offers other products, such as control technology and fire protection systems. The KMG force gauge enables precise and reliable measurement of the forces acting on doors and gates. This is crucial for accurate adjustment and maintenance, which ultimately contributes to efficient and safe operation. The latest version, KMG-Lite BT, relies on Bluetooth technology to further enhance usage and connectivity. These devices transmit measurement data via Bluetooth to the app on the installer's smartphone or tablet. In the field of industrial doors, GTE also supplies a comprehensive control programme. The door control units from GTE are available as reversing contactor versions or with a built-in Frequency converter. A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off this product area. GTE attaches great importance to continuous innovation and quality. Their products are based on extensive research and development to meet the current requirements of the industry. Overall, GTE stands out for its expertise in developing products for use on and around industrial doors. Their technologies play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operation and precise adjustment of gates and doors in industrial environments.
HEKATRON fire protection is an indispensable companion in the field of fire protection and has been successfully established on the market for over 50 years. HEKATRON's innovative strength is reflected in products that safeguard your home and business. With leading expertise in the development, manufacture and distribution of system-based fire protection, HEKATRON defines the fire protection industry. The ORS 142 fire detector from Hekatron is frequently used in the area of industrial fire protection and in combination with smoke and heat ventilation systems. In combination with various accessories and compatible with many control and drive systems, it is an optimal solution. HEKATRON's philosophy is based on tradition, responsibility and foresight. As part of the Securitas Group Switzerland, they focus on strong growth through innovative strength and targeted reinforcement with skilled personnel. The diverse talents of their employees are the key to their success. HEKATRON's sustainability is reflected in their responsible use of resources and the environment. From production to products, environmental protection is consistently implemented. Their location in Sulzburg, surrounded by idyllic vineyards and fields, reflects their close ties to the region. HEKATRON Fire Protection is an essential part of the Securitas Group Switzerland, which is dedicated to safety and security with almost 16,000 employees and a turnover of CHF 1.35 billion. Together they provide innovative solutions and professional services to meet security needs. HEKATRON Fire Protection remains a pioneer and innovator in the industry.
Hörmann Steinau
Hörmann is a renowned door manufacturer headquartered in Steinhagen, Germany. Since its foundation in 1935, the company has established itself as one of the world's leading manufacturers of doors. Hörmann offers a wide range of door solutions for private, commercial and industrial applications. Hörmann's product portfolio includes garage doors, industrial doors, entrance doors, interior doors and frames as well as loading technology. The company is characterised by its focus on quality, durability and safety. Hörmann continuously relies on innovative technologies and materials to provide its customers with modern and reliable door solutions. As a construction element partner, Hörmann's subsidiary Steinau also supplies Hörmann's door portfolio, as well as other products relating to doors, gates and other construction elements. The Hörmann brand stands for precision and reliability in the door industry. With a global presence, Hörmann ensures that customers around the world have access to high-quality doors and professional service. Its commitment to innovation and customer focus underlines its position as an industry leader.
Hotron is a sensor manufacturer focusing on intelligent sensors for doors and gates. Based in Ireland, the company offers innovative solutions for access control, automation and security. The product range includes touch sensors, infrared sensors and photo eyes. Hotron is known for its reliable, accurate and durable sensors, which are used in various applications. Especially in automatic door systems, their sensors are used to detect people and obstacles. Hotron's technologies help to improve the safety, efficiency and user-friendliness of access systems.Through their continuous development and commitment to high quality products, Hotron has built a strong reputation in the industry. The company operates internationally and works closely with customers to provide customised solutions that meet specific requirements. In summary, Hotron stands for innovation and quality in the development of sensor systems. Their products play a crucial role in the security and automation industry, especially in the field of access control and automatic doors.
JCM Technologies
JCM Technologies, based in Spain, is a respected manufacturer of wireless solutions for automated gates. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has established outstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality products.JCM Technologies' product portfolio includes advanced gate control systems, radio solutions and transmission systems for safety devices for automated gates. These solutions are characterised by their precision, reliability and seamless integration into gate systems. They ensure efficient control and safe operation of automated gates in various applications. JCM Technologies' products play a critical role in securing access control, industrial buildings, private residences and other facilities. The extensive product range offers solutions for many different requirements in wireless control and operation of gates.
MFZ Marantec
Marantec: renowned manufacturer of high-quality operator solutions for doors Since it was founded in 1957, the family-run company has built up impressive expertise in the development and manufacture of reliable, innovative products. The long-lasting operator solutions are continuously developed further so that they always enable safe and efficient work processes. In the industry, Marantec is known above all for its quality and reliability. Their commitment to continuous innovation and the highest quality standards has given them a strong position in the market. All in all, Marantec stands for outstanding operator solutions that contribute to the safety and efficiency of doors in various applications. Its products make Marantec a trustworthy partner for high-quality operator solutions.
Novoferm Tormatic
Tormatic is a Novoferm Group company specialising in the development and manufacture of controls and door operators. As part of the Novoferm Group, a renowned manufacturer of doors and access solutions, Tormatic contributes significantly to technological innovation. The Novoferm Tormatic product portfolio includes a wide range of door operators for garage doors, industrial doors and sectional doors. The operator systems are characterised by precision, performance and user-friendliness. They guarantee smooth operation and ensure efficient control options. The close association with Novoferm, a leading player in the industry, underlines Novoferm Tormatic's quality standards. Its products contribute to improving the safety and efficiency of doors in various applications and position the company as a reliable partner for high-quality drive solutions for doors.
The company Orion, based in Cologne, Germany, is a respected manufacturer of control and operating elements. Since its foundation, the company has established outstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality control devices for industrial applications. Orion's product portfolio includes a wide range of control components such as pushbuttons, Key-switches, signal lamps, switches and control panels. These are characterised by precision, reliability and user-friendliness. They are crucial for efficient control and automation in various industrial sectors. Orion control devices stand for reliability and solid quality. Their products make them a trusted partner for high-quality control and operating elements.
Pepperl + Fuchs
Pepperl+Fuchs is a renowned manufacturer with a focus on industrial sensors and electronics. With an impressive history and global presence, the company offers innovative solutions for automation technology, explosion protection and process automation.Pepperl+Fuchs' product portfolio includes sensors, process connection technology, identification systems and switchgear. Their products are known for precision, reliability and safety in demanding industrial environments.Sensotek, as a sales company of Pepperl+Fuchs, focuses in particular on the marketing of products in the field of access control and door and gate sensor technology. Through targeted focus and technical know-how, Sensotek complements the Pepperl+Fuchs network to provide high-quality solutions. Overall, Pepperl+Fuchs stands for outstanding technology and quality in the industry. Their commitment to continuous innovation and the highest quality standards has earned them recognition in the automation industry.
Record is a respected manufacturer of automatic door systems with deep expertise in the field. The company excels in innovative and reliable solutions that provide efficient and secure access control in various environments.Record's product portfolio includes sliding doors, revolving doors, swing doors and drive systems. These products are characterised by their precision, durability and modern technology. They are used in various industries, from shopping centres to airports and public buildings. Record is known for its quality standards and the continuous development of its products. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence has helped them to be recognised as a leading supplier of automatic door systems worldwide. In summary, Record stands for outstanding quality and reliability in automatic door systems. Their products improve accessibility and safety in various applications, making them a trusted partner for high quality door technologies.
Sommer is a renowned manufacturer of drive solutions for gates, windows and awnings. For many years, the company has been setting standards in the industry with innovative technologies and reliable products. Sommer's product portfolio includes Garage door openers, sliding door openers, swing door openers and awning openers. These are characterised by their precision, performance and user-friendliness. They ensure efficient control and movement of gates and other applications. Sommer stands for quality and technological advances. Their commitment to continuous innovation and the highest quality standards has given them a strong position in the industry. Overall, Sommer represents outstanding drive solutions that help improve automation and accessibility in various applications.
Timmer is a respected manufacturer of safety brakes specifically for doors. The company is characterised by many years of experience and expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality safety brake systems. Timmer's product portfolio includes a wide range of safety brakes specially designed for use on doors. These are characterised by their precision, reliability and efficiency. They play a crucial role in securing and stabilising gates during operation, ensuring smooth and safe operations. Timmer stands for quality and technical innovation in safety gear technology for gates. Their commitment to continuous improvement and highest quality standards has earned them a firm place in the industry. Overall, Timmer represents outstanding safety brakes that contribute to the safety and stability of doors. Their products make them a trusted partner for high-quality safety gear solutions in door applications.
Vitector by Cedes
VITECTOR by CEDES offers sensor solutions for safeguarding industrial gates. CEDES AG, an established company based in Switzerland, has expanded its market position in the gate sensor sector with the acquisition of VITECTOR, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products for monitoring, securing and opening gates. With a long history and a respectable reputation in the industry, CEDES stands out for its advanced technologies and products, which are used in various applications worldwide. Particularly noteworthy is CEDES' expertise in securing industrial gates. The company offers effective solutions to increase the safety and efficiency of industrial gates. With the help of precise sensors, CEDES enables the timely detection of obstacles and thus the avoidance of accidents as well as the minimisation of operational downtimes. The CEDES product range for the protection of industrial doors comprises various solutions, including light grids, light barriers and safety edges. These systems are designed to meet current requirements and contribute to the safety of people and vehicles while optimising operational processes. The VITECTOR by CEDES brand stands for quality and reliability and offers solutions that are geared towards the needs of customers.

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