GfA Elektromaten Automation Technology

GfA Elektromaten specialises in automation technology for gates. They manufacture a variety of products, including drives for gates, controls and safety systems. GfA's products are used in a wide range of sectors, including industry, commerce and construction.

GfA Elektromaten door operators

GfA Elektromaten drives have been specially developed for use on gates and are used particularly frequently on industrial gates. GfA offers special drives for various types of doors, including sectional doors, rolling doors and sliding gates. As all these door types place different demands on the respective operator systems, GfA's special operators are ideally suited to automating these doors.

GfA Elektromaten drives for rolling doors

The SI-Elektromat rolling door drives from GfA set standards in terms of safety and functionality. These drives are characterised by their innovative technology and integrated safety brakes, which ensure a particularly high level of user protection. These rolling door drives ensure

not only ensure reliable and convenient movement of the rolling door, but also offer an additional level of safety thanks to the integrated safety brakes. This ensures that the door does not fall in the event of a gear breakage, for example. A separate safety brakes is therefore no longer necessary.

GfA Elektromaten drives for sectional doors

The sectional door operators from GFA Elektromaten, especially the SE-Elektromaten model, are characterised not only by their performance, but also by their cost-effectiveness. Designed especially for spring balanced doors, the SE-Elektromaten drive offers a cost-effective solution for companies. Its sophisticated technology not only ensures reliable operation of large sectional doors in factory halls, logistics centres and at loading ramps, but is also an economically attractive option when it comes to purchasing. The optimum adaptation to spring balanced doors results in a reliable and cost-efficient operator system for spring balanced sectional doors.

GfA Elektromaten drives for sliding gates

The sliding gate operators from GFA Elektromaten, in particular the ST-Elektromaten model, offer a versatile and customisable solution for sliding gates of various sizes. The ST-Elektromaten drive is characterised by its configurability, which makes it possible to adapt the drive to suit the specific gate. This flexibility makes the ST-Elektromat particularly suitable for a wide range of applications, from small sliding gates to very large and massive constructions. Companies can therefore be sure that the operator is precisely tailored to their individual requirements, which not only maximises performance but also optimises overall costs. ST-Elektromaten sliding gate operators therefore provide an efficient and customised solution to ensure the smooth operation of sliding gates in a variety of environments.

GfA Elektromaten drives for hall doors

GFA Elektromaten drives for industrial doors stand for quality, reliability and advanced technology. With a wide range of products, GFA Elektromaten offers customised solutions for various requirements in the industrial environment. Whether rolling doors, sectional doors or sliding gates, the drives from GFA Elektromaten ensure smooth and efficient operation. GfA's broad product range enables adaptation to different door sizes and types. It also fulfils the highest standards in terms of safety and user protection. The robust design and innovative technology make GFA Elektromaten drives a reliable choice for industrial and commercial building doors, where efficiency and reliability are crucial.

GfA Elektromaten remote radio transmitters and receivers

GfA Elektromaten remote control

Remote hand-held transmitters from GFA Elektromaten represent a modern and user-friendly solution for controlling gates. With their reliable radio technology, these remote controls offer a convenient way to operate gates remotely. The remote controls from GFA Elektromaten are available in different designs and in variants from 1-channel to 4-channel. This variance makes it possible to control different doors or functions independently of each other, which facilitates customisation to individual needs and requirements. The channels in remote controls are used to control several doors or functions independently of each other. Each channel represents a separate control unit, which means that with a multi-channel remote control, different gates or gate functions can be operated individually without affecting other channels. This is particularly practical in situations where there are several gates and selective control is required.

GfA Elektromaten radio receiver

The radio receivers from GFA Elektromaten offer a flexible option for expanding or retrofitting remote controls to door control units. With these receivers, existing door systems can be easily upgraded to benefit from the advantages of wireless door operation using remote controls. By simply integrating the radio receivers into the existing control unit, a wireless connection to remote controls is established. This retrofittable option enables older door systems to be brought up to the latest state of the art cost-effectively and effectively. GFA Elektromaten offers a wide range of radio receivers that can be selected according to your needs and requirements.

GfA Elektromaten spare parts

GfA Elektromaten spare parts for door control units

GFA Elektromaten offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for door control units, including replacement circuit boards and replacement housings. Replacement circuit boards are customised components that enable the quick and efficient repair of defective or damaged control units. By using high-quality replacement circuit boards, customers can be sure that their door control units will continue to be reliable and efficient. Replacement housings offer a solution for cases where the existing housing has been damaged or needs to be replaced. These replacement parts are precision manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and protection of internal components.

GfA Elektromaten spare parts for door operators

GFA Elektromaten provides a comprehensive range of spare parts for door operators to ensure that they always function optimally. The spare parts on offer include rectifiers for controlling the motor brakes. In addition, GFA Elektromaten offers spare parts such as connection housings that create a protected environment for electrical connections. These spare parts ensure efficient maintenance and repair of door operators to ensure long-term, reliable functionality.

GfA Elektromaten limit switch as spare part

GfA Elektromaten also offers various spare parts for the limit switch systems of its door openers. As limit switches are an important part of the control system and are used to position the doors, it is particularly important that these limit switches function optimally. The digital limit switch DES can be purchased as an individual spare part, as can the individual components of the cam limit switch system NES. Digital limit switches enable precise positioning and control, while mechanical limit switches are the robust and tried-and-tested alternative.

GfA Elektromaten brakes for drives

The motor brakes and brake sets as spare parts for GFA drives represent an important component that contributes to the safety and efficiency of door drive systems. These brakes ensure precise stopping of the door's movement and help to ensure that it remains in the desired position and that the gears are supported and protected when the door brakes. As high-quality spare parts, the motor brakes ensure that the door operator functions reliably and meets safety standards. The brakes not only offer a fast response time, but also a long service life to ensure continuous and safe use of the door systems.

GfA Elektromaten Motor cables

The pre-assembled Motor cables from GFA Elektromaten are an efficient solution for connecting drives and controls in door systems. These high-quality Motor cables are designed to ensure reliable and safe communication between the door operator and the control unit. The use of pre-assembled Motor cables not only significantly simplifies installation, but also minimises the risk of connection errors. The precise assembly ensures an optimum fit and therefore smooth operation of the entire door system. GFA Elektromaten offers a wide range of pre-assembled Motor cables that meet the various requirements and specifications of door operators.

GfA Elektromaten door accessories

The range of accessories for doors from GFA Elektromaten includes a wide range of high-quality components designed to optimise the functionality, safety and durability of door systems. Adjustment bearings ensure precise and stable guidance of the door, while cable drums and drive shafts are responsible for reliable and efficient movement. Coil Cord spiral cables from GFA Elektromaten enable a flexible and safe power supply to moving parts of the door system, and photo eyes serve as a crucial safety component by detecting potential obstacles in good time and stopping door operation. GFA Elektromaten's extensive range of accessories reflects the company's high quality and commitment to holistic solutions that meet performance, safety and user-friendliness requirements.

The comprehensive range of accessories for gates from GFA Elektromaten not only includes basic elements such as bearings, cable drums, drive shafts, Coil Cord spiral cables and photo eyes, but also goes beyond these to ensure complete

these to ensure complete equipment and customisation for different requirements. OSE sensors (Optical sensors) are an innovative addition, using light barrier technology to enable precise and reliable detection of obstacles, further optimising the safety of the gate system. Junction boxes offer an efficient solution for a clean and protected connection of electrical cables, and connecting cables ensure reliable transmission of signals and power between different components of the door system.

GfA Elektromaten operating instructions and wiring diagrams

The operating instructions and wiring diagram for a GFA Elektromaten product is a crucial resource that provides users with clear orientation and effective utilisation of their door system. The user manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of GFA products. It serves as a comprehensive source of information to provide users with a sound understanding of the operation, safety guidelines and functions of the respective door systems. At the same time, the wiring diagram provides detailed graphical representations of the electrical wiring and control logic, giving installers and technicians a clear overview of the operation and connections of the components and simplifying troubleshooting. These documents are supplied with the products, but can also be found here as a download for the various products or directly on the manufacturer's website.