Hekatron ORS 142 AT Retrofit Optical Smoke Detector

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Product information "Hekatron ORS 142 AT Retrofit Optical Smoke Detector"

Product description: Hekatron optical smoke switch ORS 142 AT Retrofit

The Hekatron ORS 142 AT Retrofit smoke switch is the ideal solution for replacement in existing systems that have been approved in accordance with the approval notice (Z-6.5-xxxx). Developed in accordance with the requirements of EN 54-7, the ORS 142 AT detects smouldering fires and open fires with smoke development at an early stage.

The smoke switch works according to the proven scattered light principle. Inside the ORS 142 there is a light source whose emitted light normally hits a neutral surface that does not reflect it under normal circumstances. When smoke develops due to smouldering fires or open fires, smoke enters the measuring chamber. The suspended particles in the smoke scatter the light and direct it onto the photo lens. As soon as light hits the photo lens, the smoke switch switches without contact and the door closes automatically.

The integrated soiling compensation function checks the smoke detector of the ORS 142 AT for light and heavy soiling as well as faults. An LED indicates the operating status of the detector. In accordance with DIN 14677, it indicates after eight years that the smoke switch should be replaced.

The ORS 142 AT has a temperature sensor that responds at an ambient temperature of 70°C. The integrated termination module is activated by a magnet in the base. The temperature range of -30°C to +60°C enables versatile use in industrial buildings, office buildings, stadiums and underground car parks.

Installation of the ORS 142 AT Retrofit is flexible - it can be surface-mounted, flush-mounted, wall-mounted or installed in damp rooms. Simply order the appropriate base for mounting. Please always observe the country-specific regulations.


  •     Smoke switch for replacement in existing systems
  •     EN 54-7 compliant, detects smouldering fires and open fires
  •     Scattered light principle for reliable smoke detection
  •     Integrated contamination compensation for fault-free operation
  •     LED display for operating status
  •     Replacement recommendation in accordance with DIN 14677 after eight years
  •     Temperature sensor at 70°C ambient temperature
  •     Flexible installation: surface-mounted and flush-mounted, on the wall or in damp rooms

Technical data:

    Hekatron item no. 31-5000017-04-02

The Hekatron ORS 142 AT smoke switch retrofit complies with the new specifications for the replacement of smoke and thermal switches. RetroFit AT products are required when replacing detectors in systems with general building authority approval (abZ) in order to continue to guarantee the approval of hold-open systems in accordance with abZ. Since January 2020, Hekatron has been providing the appropriate products approved in accordance with the new specifications to simplify the replacement process. Replaced smoke switches no longer need to be sent back, but can simply be disposed of via the usual channels. Rely on Hekatron for safe and reliable smoke detection in your existing systems.

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