Hörmann conversion set control unit BK FUE-1 / FUS

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Product information "Hörmann conversion set control unit BK FUE-1 / FUS"

Hörmann Art. No. 4992200, conversion kit with Hörmann high-speed door control unit BK 150 FUE-1, to replace many older control unit variants


This conversion kit from Hörmann allows you to replace an outdated control unit with the modern BK 150 FUE-1 control unit. This replaces many older control unit generations, including BK 150 FU, BS 150 FUE, BK 150 FUE H and BS 150 FUE H, and is supplied with a Mains switch and an emergency stop switch.

The powerful BK 150 FUE-1 Frequency converter control offers increased speeds, resulting in improved operation and reduced heat loss. Smooth starting and braking relieves the entire mechanical system of the door, which leads to a considerable increase in service life.

Fault diagnosis is considerably simplified by the quadruple 7-segment display. In addition, the plug-in control cabling with colour coding facilitates the connection of operating elements and safety devices. Components can be connected simply and easily using colour-coded plug connections and connection cables. For greater convenience and safety, an automatic inlet can be set individually. External pulse generators such as push-buttons, Pull-switches or a radio remote control for remote operation of the door system are also available as options.

Technical details:

  • Conversion kit for updating older controls to the new BK 150 FUE-1
  • Contains the powerful BK 150 FUE-1 Frequency converter control unit (FU)
  • Includes a Mains switch
  • Includes membrane switch for the open/stop/close functions
  • Has a 4-fold 7-segment display for door function information
  • Replaces the following control generations: BK 150 FU, BS 150 FUE, BK 150 FUE H, BS 150 FUE H
  • Suitable for high-speed doors
  • Housing dimensions: approx. 230 × 460 × 200 mm
  • The set is specially configured by Hörmann according to your nameplate data


Please note the following when using the conversion set:

  • the old drive and Motor cable can generally continue to be used
  • Connect the cable according to the new wiring diagram, disconnect the 16-pin connector if necessary!
  • Ensure sufficient cable length on site during installation

Please send us a photo of your door's rating plate after ordering. This is required for the delivery of the correct spare part.

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