Sectional Door Drive Set MFZ Marantec Ovitor STA 1-10-24 KE LK CS320 Light Curtain


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Product number: TA0600025
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Product information "Sectional Door Drive Set MFZ Marantec Ovitor STA 1-10-24 KE LK CS320 Light Curtain"

Drive set for car wash applications, for counter-balanced sectional doors up to 30m²/ 390kg max., set contains: sectional door drive STA1-10-24 KE AWG LK, hollow shaft diameter 25,4mm, door control unit CS 320 with LCD-Display and 1m motor cable, torque support, stainless-steel hand chain 8m, 2 pieces cable tension switches for car wash applications, light curtain for car wash applications, 3-button station with 5m cable, protection class IP65, temperature range -20°C to +60°C


The STA 1-10-24 KE LK drive set for car wash applications from MFZ Marantec Ovitor is ideal for reliable use in spring-balanced doors functioning under extreme conditions. The carwash set was developed for the special operating conditions at petrol stations, workshops, shipping companies or car dealerships, and is protected all around: from the drive to the control unit.
Special conditions require special protection. Steam, cleaning agents, residue and splash water are a real endurance test for the materials used in a car wash. On this car wash set, none of the components are installed on the door leaf. This prevents moisture from penetrating the door boxes or the slack rope safety switch from seizing up due to rust. An especially protected light curtain, which is already painted at the factory before it is cast, is used as a closing edge safety device. An additional light barrier is not required.
The drive is delivered in a special LK model. This means that the drive and the winding of the motor are better protected against corrosion by a special paint. Furthermore, copper paste is included in the set for additional protection of the drive at the door shaft.
The set contains a meter cable and the CS320 comfort drive, although without the classic CS-key. This is replaced by a 3-button station with specially protected keys so that cleaning agents or steam cannot reach it.
The emergency hand chain in this set is made of stainless steel.
- Developed for use under extreme conditions
- Drive and winding motor covered in special paint to prevent corrosion.
- Light curtains painted and cast for the toughest environmental conditions
- Light curtains used as contactless and effective safety element (C+D device according to EN 12453)
- No additional light barrier required
- No measurement of operating forces required during annual inspection
- No components installed on the door leaf
- Cost savings on installation and annual inspection
- Operation via splash-proof 3-button station
- Emergency hand chain made of stainless steel

Emergency Operation: Nothandkette
Output Speed: 24 min^-1
Output Torque: 100 Nm
Supply Voltage: 3~230/400 V

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